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Radio, electrical, electronics, computer science. A qualified Electrical Engineer, with over 45 years in the industry. A Television Engineer, Video editing, TV station design, building and commissioning. Computer sciences with special interests in video editing. A casual Media Teacher at JCU Townsville. Web site design, administration and management - specializing in DataBase uses. Specialist up-grade systems for small to mid size offices intergrating MAC and PC hardware with wireless connectivity.


A time served carpenter and joiner with a Diploma in Building Q&E. Project Manager for Lend Lease Corp. Professional Services US Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation. Vice President of Stratigic Business Development for Wang Service Worldwide, CEO of OnLine Marketworx - specialist in web design, digital business graphics, and web based and interactive training package production.


Also a time served carpenter and joiner. Metal machining experience with welding. A 27 year career Master Mariner with foreign going certification for small ships to 1000ton. Ship board electronics installation and instruction. RADAR observer, Full Radio Certificate with GMDSS. Aviation Fire Fighting and Helicopter operations in the marine environment. Potable Water and Waste Water treatment plant construction. Holder of National Certificate in Energy and Chemical Plant (Process Operation) Steam Generation Level 2 and Process Operation, Core Level 2.


A time served Boiler Maker/Welder with extensive training in specialist application welding systems. Trained in Australia, he now lives in Canada. Projects Engineer for the construction of saw milling and paper manufacturing equipment from R&D to final production. An avid Aviator and builder of custom hand made cars. An accomplished metal machinist specializing in small precision parts.


A time served Internal Combustion Engine Machinist with over 15 years in the repair, re-building and modification of engines of all sizes. The design and building of Drag Race cars and Bikes. Custom parts and re-fabrication of OEM to the highest standards. Holder of several National titles in Drag Racing.

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